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Benefits of Spray Tanning Treatment

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Radiant All Year Round: Explore the Wonders of Airbrush Spray Tanning

To get sunkissed skin all year round, without necessarily going to the tropics or torturing ourselves under the sun, there is a simple and painless solution: the Bella Bridal spray tan asheville.

Suitable for both men and women and particularly appreciated among celebrities, this tanning treatment emphasizes the color of the skin, leaving it golden and luminous. Keep reading to discover all the secrets of spray tanning, which must always be done in a specialized center.

Spray Tan- What It Is?

The Airbrush spray tan is a quick and effective beauty treatment, capable of giving you a healthy color and radiant skin all year round, avoiding harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays.

To obtain this result, the spray tan exploits the nebulization of a DHA -based cosmetic, a natural extract of sugar cane, capable of darkening the keratin present on the most superficial layer of the skin.

Being of completely natural origin, it is also non-toxic and therefore has no contraindications. The spray tan does not stimulate the production of melanin; it simply allows you to create makeup on your skin, making us more radiant and colorful.

Professional Spray Tan: How the Treatment Works

Professional spray tanning is carried out only in specialized beauty centers like Bella Bridal Artistry and involves spraying the DHA-based cosmetic using an airbrush to ensure uniform and homogeneous application, avoiding the risk of spots or discoloration.

The sessions are generally of short duration, based on the area to be treated (legs, face, arms, or décolleté), the treatment can last from 6 seconds to 4/5 minutes, and the effects are almost immediate! In a few minutes, our skin will be one or two shades darker without damaging it.

Benefits of Spray Tanning Treatment

The spray tan can be useful for those who want a golden color and a luminous complexion, without necessarily having to expose themselves to the sun's rays for hours and without having to resort to showers and sunbaths, which are potentially harmful to the skin. Let's check out the main benefits::

  • The sessions are very fast, and the result is immediate; in a few minutes, the skin will be golden and luminous.

  • The treatment can be applied to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and can be performed in complete safety even during pregnancy; and is also indicated for those suffering from vitiligo and psoriasis and who normally cannot expose themselves to the sun.

  • If performed by competent and expert people, the Bella Bridal spray tan asheville guarantees a uniform color without discoloration depending on the number of sessions performed.

  • The DHA that is nebulized is non-toxic and anti-allergenic as it is of natural origin. Together with DHA, moisturizing and anti-aging substances, beneficial for the skin, can also be nebulized.

  • It is not permanent, and consequently, if we don't like it, it will be enough to wait a maximum of one week to assume our natural color again.

In summary, the spray tan offers a convenient and safe way to maintain a sun-kissed complexion throughout the year without risking UV exposure. Differentiating from self-tanning, this specialized treatment guarantees a uniform and radiant skin tone, suitable for all skin types. With its swift application and immediate effects, it's a go-to option for those seeking a golden glow without the sun's harm. For a flawless spray tanning experience, look no further than Bella Bridal Artistry – your destination for a beautifully bronzed look and a healthier approach to skin radiance.

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