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Asheville airbrush makeup and hair

Hair and Makeup Artist Weaverville NC

Top-Notch Airbrush Makeup, Tanning, and Hair Artist in Weaverville, NC

Congratulations! That's really wonderful that you've finally decided to tie the knot. The time and date have been determined. You've selected the ideal dress, paired it with stunning shoes, and finished it with glittering accessories.

Now, choose a look that is as beautiful as your dress. When putting together a complete appearance, hair and makeup are just as crucial as everything else. In the same way that you don't go around in a wedding gown every day, you shouldn't wear your regular clothes to your wedding either.

You will always have the images and memories of your wedding day. For your priceless memories, make sure everyone looks their best. It will be worthwhile.

Get ready to be pampered.

With the help of our skilled airbrush makeup Weaverville, NC, artists, you can have the perfect wedding hair and makeup. Because we know you want to feel and look your absolute best, we've put together some helpful hints to help you achieve that goal.


Through trials, we can better understand your hair, skin, and personality. This will ensure a successful wedding day. During your trial, which will last 1.5 to 2 hours, we will go through your distinct style. Following that, you will receive the photos for review. Trials are typically planned two to three months in advance of the big day.


At Bella Bridal Artistry, we take great pride in our in-depth discussions with each client. In order to get your preferred appearance, we will ask you a number of questions. Our client’s satisfaction is extremely important to us.


At Bella Bridal Artistry, we offer on-site beauty services. You will feel like a boss when you get out of your chair!

Today is your day to be pampered and treated like a princess. This day will live in your memory for the rest of your life. It is a privilege for us to join in this.

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