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Asheville airbrush makeup and hair

Bridal hair and makeup artist in Greenville, SC


Our talented team of bridal hair and makeup artists are here to help you look your very best on your special day. Bella Bridal Artistry was founded in 2018 after years of expertise in the bridal market and collaboration with various exceptional hair and beauty teams.

Now, choose a look that is as beautiful as your dress. When putting together a complete appearance, hair and makeup are just as crucial as everything else. In the same way that you don't go around in a wedding gown every day, you shouldn't wear your regular clothes to your wedding eitherOur forte is a natural, radiant glow that makes each woman feel like a knockout on her wedding day. We want the bride to feel in good hands on her wedding day with the professionals caring for her. We'll make the trip to where you are feeling honored to be included in your big day.

Hire your dream team

Do you want to have complete trust in the people who will be doing your bridal hair and makeup on your wedding day? If so, we provide you with a detailed agenda of the day's events several weeks in advance because we want everything to operate well.

Check wedding date availability

Trials help us evaluate your hair, skin, and personality. Doing so will guarantee a smooth wedding day. During the 1.5 to 2 hours allotted for your trial, we will examine your type of procedure in detail. The typical time frame for a trial is between two and three months before the actual event.


At Bella Bridal Artistry, we're proud of the thorough consultations we offer to each and every one of our clients. We place the highest priority on ensuring that every one of our clients is completely happy with our services.


At Bella Bridal Artistry, we offer on-site beauty services. You will feel like a boss when you get out of your chair!

Today is your day to be pampered and treated like a princess. This day will live in your memory for the rest of your life. It is a privilege for us to join in this.

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