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Asheville airbrush makeup and hair

Hair And Makeup Artist Asheville NC


Weddings and other special occasions are perfect opportunities to take advantage of our team of expert hairstylists and makeup artists who can travel to your location. With the highest-quality products and training in the industry, we're dedicated to helping you to feel and look your best at all times.

Professional Hair, Makeup, And Tanning Artists in Asheville, North Carolina

We've got you covered artistically and professionally if you require expert makeup use and a stylish hairstyle for a wedding or other special occasion. Our number one priority is to hear our customers out and assist them in being the beautiful, assured, and unique people they already are. We appreciate your interest and look forward to finally seeing you in person.

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Just engaged, the ring having barely touched your right ring finger, you are already dreaming of your wedding dress, but what about your bridal hairstyle and makeup? As important as your outfit, don't neglect this part of the preparation and start thinking now. A little lost in the face of the multitude of possibilities available to you for your beauty? Don't panic, this post will reveal what to follow to achieve perfect, trendy wedding hair and makeup Asheville NC

Step 1: Select your makeup and hairstyle based on the venue and time of the wedding


Each bride possesses a unique universe, intricately reflected in her chosen reception venue. Considering the wedding style and setting is crucial before delving into aesthetics. Daytime weddings call for natural or tousled bridal hair and makeup Asheville NC in softer tones. In contrast, evening affairs favor elegant buns, braids, or chic high ponytails, allowing for intensified makeup with options like smoky eyes or crimson lips, applied sparingly for a refined and elegant outcome. The venue and timing intricacies guide the choices, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and surroundings.


Step 2: Match your wedding hairstyle and makeup to your look


The multitude of models of wedding dresses available, both in boutiques and in workshops, causes the hair and makeup Asheville NC to vary considerably.

The idea is to balance your final look by matching outfit and beauty, examples:

If your dress is impressive and voluminous both in its cut and its fabric, it is better to opt for a simple hairstyle like a bun or a ponytail together with soft and natural makeup.

On the contrary, if you prefer simplicity and comfort for your bridal outfit, you can dare something more daring: a half-bun, wavy mane, bangs, or spiky braid will bring a little madness to your look. Heavy makeup at eye level, in warm tones, will add intensity to your eyes.


Step 3: Know the different types of hairstyles


Hair plays a pivotal role in our overall appearance, conveying our style and adherence to current trends. Whether coiffed to match personal preferences or in line with contemporary hairstyle trends, our locks make a statement.

The loose, carefree allure, once uncommon for special events, has gained popularity among brides, especially complementing boho dresses.

The timeless elegance of a chignon remains a standout choice, sculpting the face effortlessly and pairing well with various necklines and open-back designs.

For a modern touch, half-buns or braids offer originality, catering to the preferences of trend-setting brides.

Step 4: Know how to apply makeup according to the shape of your face


The appropriate Asheville NC wedding makeup style is influenced by the unique contours of your face. For those blessed with an oval face, considered the ideal shape, the makeup world is your playground—experiment with various styles, enhance natural beauty, and play with cheekbone highlights. Triangular faces, characterized by a broad forehead and pointed chin, benefit from shadow and light interplay, softening features with strategic makeup application. Square faces, featuring a broad forehead and jaw, can refine their look by using highlighter on the eyes and matte powder to soften prominent areas. Long faces with pointed chins achieve balance through a two-tone powder palette and horizontally applied blush, emphasizing eyes and lips for facial harmony.

Step 5: Anticipate your bridal makeup and hairstyle steps


Consider your body shape, facial features, and hair type meticulously to eliminate room for improvisation in your beauty preparations. During trials for hair and makeup near Asheville NC , provide your stylist with a photo of your desired look, investing ample time in research through magazines, blogs, and beauty apps. As with hair, facial care for the big day is essential. Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating: you will be the most beautiful for your wedding.

In conclusion, achieving perfect bridal makeup and hairstyle requires careful consideration of the wedding venue, dress style, and individual features. Balancing simplicity or boldness based on the dress, understanding diverse hairstyles, applying makeup according to face shape, and meticulous planning are key steps. To ensure flawless execution and a stress-free experience, entrusting the final look to a professional wedding hair and makeup artist Asheville NC is a wise choice, guaranteeing a stunning and memorable appearance on your special day.

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We want you to feel and look your best on your big day, so please share your thoughts on any and all aspects of your appearance and let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

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