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What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

Be sure to shower and exfoliate your body. Do not wear any moisturizer or deodorant.

Will I Be Orange?

No. The orange color people refer to comes from the quality of the product and lack of training.

How Long Will The Tan Last?

The tan will last anywhere from 5-10 days, depending on how well you maintain the tan. Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, exfoliating, waxing and harsh soaps. Use a moisturizer on a daily basis to keep the skin moist and from drying out.

How Long Before I Can Shower?

It is a good idea to keep the product on as long as possible, or a minimum of 10-12 hours.

Is Airbrush Tanning Safe?

Yes, in 1973 the FDA approved DHA, which is derived from sugar.

Will The Solution Stain My Clothes?

No. We suggest wearing dark, loose clothing so the instant bronzer is not noticeable on light colored clothing.

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

The appointment will take approximately 45 minutes.

Bella Bridal Artistry offers customized spray tanning services for the bride, bachelorette parties, wedding parties or any occasion. 

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