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Melissa is the founder of Bella Bridal Artistry. As a makeup artist for over 25 years, and national experience in a multitude of industries, Melissa loves working with brides. Building an intimate relationship with the bride is such an important role in making certain she looks and feels as beautiful as she has been dreaming of. Melissa holds the wedding day very special to her, getting to know the brides and the story of how the bride and groom met. Family and friends, funny stories, emotions and most importantly, spending the morning with a woman and perfecting her on the most important day in her life. Melissa is forever grateful for being included in each and every bride's everlasting memory! In addition to her warm personality, Melissa is a MAC certified artist, and has worked in the competitive Chicago and California wedding markets prior to her move to Asheville. She has been featured in numerous bridal magazines across the U.S.

Bobbi has over 12 years of experience customizing hair and makeup looks for weddings, fashion and special events. She is also experienced in working with people of all ages and skin type. Her goal is to enhance your natural beauty, creating looks that will last throughout your day. Bobbi is down to Earth, relaxed and absolutely loves creating a serene experience while executing clean, tasteful, beautiful looks!

Alex is a makeup and styling expert from Miami, with 10+ years experience in the beauty and high fashion industry. Having worked for competitive brands such as Gucci, she's grown a keen eye for styling events through makeup and wardrobe. Always artistically enhancing an entire image through the small details, with high emphasis on makeup. She's passionate about delivering memorable moments and matching ones perceived inner beauty outward.

Kelly has spent most of her life living in Asheville and the West Coast. Kelly has an expertise in many trades that have built her skills as a wedding industry artist; graphic design, tattooing, custom painting/airbrushing and photography. She has always been passionate about the beauty business and loves connecting with her clients to create personalized memories for their special day. Everything from bold glam to soft and natural is in her wheelhouse. She excels in making everyone she meets feel beautiful and having fun while doing it!

Candace is a hair and makeup artist from Chicago. Having an entrepreneurial spirit instilled in her at an early age from her parents, Candace knew should we never want a conventional job. At the age of 19, she graduated from cosmetology school and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. She quickly found herself working alongside high-end fashion photographers, fashion designers, models and singers, providing full services for luxury weddings. In 2004, she moved to Western NC to work for L'Oreal, this position provided Candace with the opportunity to travel to L.A. where she received specialized training in the cosmetic industry. Candace's true passion is in the bridal industry, working with brides on their wedding day is the most fulfilling part of her job. She is great with people and will do her best to makeup everyone comfortable and beautiful!


Amelia is a MAC certified freelance makeup artist from Chicago, with 4 years experience in the beauty industry. She has a strong sense of fashion and beauty and is always staying up to date with the latest trends. Amelia has a very warm and friendly demeanor and she strives to provide top notch service to each client. Amelia holds the wedding day as a very intimate experience. She enjoys meeting new people and creating a lasting memory. 

Hunter was born and raised in Asheville, NC. Since a very young age she has always had a passion for helping others, which led her to work in healthcare for 6 years and pursue a degree in health science. During this time Hunter discovered her passion for makeup. She started doing makeup as a way to boost her self confidence and soon realized that her passion was so much more. She loves doing makeup for others, especially on such a special day in ones life. It brings Hunter much joy to see women happy and feeling confident. She is extremely passionate about her career in bridal makeup as it has allowed her to continuously learn new skills and meet amazing people!

Hope has a passion for doing hair and has been a part of the wedding industry for 3 years. She has an associates degree in cosmetology and loves doing all things hair, skin and nail related. She was born and raised in North Carolina and she enjoys living in the Blur Ridge Mountains. Hope is currently a part time student and part time wedding hair designer. She loves helping women's dreams come true on their special. 

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