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Keep Your Big Day Makeup Glamorous and Natural

Keep Your Big Day Makeup Glamorous and Natural

You want to feel attractive and confident on your wedding day, regardless of the cosmetic style you pick. You want to look your best on one of the most important days of your life, but you also want to do something different from your usual style.

A bridal beauty trial is a terrific opportunity to experiment with different looks under the guidance of a professional makeup artist. Many brides like a makeup style that falls between in the middle of "natural" and "glam", something that makes them seem like themselves but also photographs wonderfully.

What does "natural glam" cosmetics entail?

A natural or soft glam bridal makeup look might be perfect for a bride who loves her natural beauty but wants to enhance it for her wedding day. A light to medium natural foundation base is recommended to get long-lasting coverage without masking your natural beauty.

You can get this look in a few different ways, but the key is highlighting a particular feature of your face and using a natural background to draw attention to it. That may include switching to a more sheer foundation and creating a smoky eye effect in the outer corners. You might go for a more subtle eye makeup look and a stronger medium foundation with a contour to bring attention to your cheekbones.

If "no makeup" is too extreme, "natural glam" is the way to go. Your big day calls for something more than a natural look in your makeup, but you're not into going all out with heavy contouring, bright lips, and glittery eyeshadow. It's about becoming a more polished and glamorous version of your everyday self.

What makes this more than just normal bridal makeup?

How do you choose between a "less is more" cosmetics look for your wedding or a more natural, glamorous one? How you want to be shown in photographs decades from now is entirely up to you.

When brides ask for "natural makeup," they usually mean something that looks like what the bride typically wears. However, you can improve this style to appear "fresh-faced" on your wedding day.

Even if your natural-looking bridal makeup took less time to do, don't assume the opposite! Drinking lots of water and maintaining a good skincare routine are just as crucial for a natural appearance as they would be for a more glamorous one in the lead-up to the big day. Makeup for a natural wedding will appear radiant and perfect if you start with these products.

Remember that natural makeup is designed to resemble your skin tone, with subtle enhancements to bring out your best features. On the other hand, when you go for a more natural look, you can want to draw attention to a particular feature of your face.

Each bride's natural glam makeup style will be unique. The brides of Asheville, NC, interested in working with our hair and makeup Asheville, NC, a team can do so by scheduling a cosmetics trial before their wedding day.

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