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Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist Tempe Arizona

wedding makeup and hairstyles Tempe

The best bridal makeup and hairstyle tips for your flawless look

You have been waiting for this for several months and now it has come - your wedding. This time you can't allow anything to go wrong. Everything needs to be perfect - from makeup to jewelry. Such a magical event happens only once in a lifetime. It's your wedding day, therefore today is quite special!

Wedding hairstyles and makeup

Here's a little guide for brides to get the perfect makeup look and everything you need to create it. Here are ideas on how to do your wedding hair and makeup Tempe. 

Makeup Tips

1. Preparing the face.

Your face is a kind of canvas and makeup is adding patterns and colors to the canvas. Just like a good painting requires a good canvas, your face should have flawless, prepared skin so that your makeup applies well and lasts throughout the day. Start preparing with a cleansing gel, cream, or mousse for washing. This procedure is needed to get rid of excess gas and dirt from the pores. After this, be sure to tone the skin and finally moisturize.


2. Primer and base

Achieving a radiant, even skin tone requires both a primer and foundation. For a flawless wedding look, schedule a beauty trial with a makeup artist Tempe az to choose the perfect shades in advance. If doing your makeup, pick foundation and concealer a week before, ensuring they match your skin tone. Avoid the common mistake of choosing a concealer too light, as it accentuates flaws. Always apply a quality primer for lasting brightness.

3. Face contouring

When working with a professional makeup artist Tempe Arizona, discuss all details beforehand, including the products to be used. For effective contouring, utilize a dark foundation, bronzer, and highlighter, ensuring a fresh, radiant look in person and photos. Opt for a foundation slightly darker than your skin, seamlessly blended to avoid harsh lines. Follow with bronzer for added glow and set your makeup. Apply highlighter to accentuate high points post-blush for a flawless finish.

4. Eye makeup

Communicate thoroughly with your hair and makeup Tempe artist, emphasizing the importance of meticulous eye makeup. Choose a color palette that suits the occasion and lighting, opting for deep shadows with subtle glitter for bright settings. Practice applying eye makeup beforehand using cream shadows and glitter glue. Avoid going overboard to prevent damage on your wedding day. Select an eyeliner and consider fake eyelashes for added flair. Apply light powder and eye primer for a flawless finish.

5. Blush

The correct blush shade may give your face a radiant appearance. It's important to avoid going overboard with the blush. Select a blush that is somewhat darker than your skin tone. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy brush after removing any excess by tapping the brush off. Be sure to mix flawlessly, leaving no traces behind. That's all, you're really good!

6. Lips

Choose long-lasting lipstick for enduring allure. Opt for the universally flattering red, which comes in various shades complementing different complexions. Enhance lipstick longevity by applying concealer on clean, dry lips, followed by a matching lip liner. Precisely apply the lipstick with a brush, respecting natural lip contours. To combat fading, keep your chosen lipstick handy in your cosmetic bag throughout the day. Red lips endure, making a bold statement for any occasion.

7. Final look

Check your completed Tempe wedding makeup. If there are some marks from mascara somewhere on the face or specks of dust from scattered shadows, remove everything carefully with a cotton swab or cotton pad. Then take a large fluffy brush, pick up some translucent powder, and apply it all over your face. This procedure will help set your makeup and remove excess fat on your face. After this, you can apply a setting spray to make your makeup last. 

Tricks for Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day + Hair Tips

  • One week before the wedding, prioritize skin care with a gentle scrub to cleanse impurities.

  • Create brightening face and body masks using natural products to avoid reactions.

  • Schedule depilation and bleaching treatments 4-6 days before the nuptials.

  • Day before the wedding, indulge in a manicure and pedicure for polished hands and feet.

  • Keep a handy notebook for a checklist, including combs, cotton pads, hair ties, and more.

  • Ensure 8 hours of restful sleep the night before the wedding for optimal restoration.

  • Avoid experimenting with new makeup; practice your look multiple times before the big day.

  • Assemble your wedding look in sequence: makeup, hairstyle, dress, and then jewelry.

  • Prioritize a consultation with your wedding hair and makeup artist Tempe Arizona for optimal hair preparation.


In conclusion, achieving a flawless bridal look involves meticulous planning and preparation. From skincare routines to makeup application, every step contributes to your radiant appearance on your special day. However, entrusting professionals for wedding hair and makeup Tempe az ensures expertise, precision, and a stress-free experience, allowing you to shine with confidence and beauty.

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